“One eye sees, the other feels.”
~Paul Klee

Surround Yourself with
Art Décor & Feel Delighted

Photo of Rapturous Wallscape artwork inspired by Matisse dancers for office and home interior walls by Caryn Mitchell

Art transforms spaces of all styles creating happy, endearing experiences.

Let’s face it, where we gather, move and rest affects how we feel. A peaceful or lively space can transform us from the inside out. Art isn’t solely an object you affix to a wall or permanently install only to just walk away from. Oh no, it’s more than that! Art adds a layer of intrigue and personalization.

Art invites a harmonious fervor throughout a room. It spawns splendor. It sparks conversation. It harmonizes spaces in the home or place of business. It creates an uplifting feeling that cannot be ignored! Experiencing art in context allows us to engage in a deeper way. It can take us on an unexpected journey and stir our imagination.

Owning art, in general, is an investment that keeps on giving for years to come. Homeowners who appreciate art can create an environment like no other designed to reflect what they love that lives on forever with care. Companies can show off their culture to expand their story incorporating art into the mix. The result makes an impression, inspires interaction and serves to make employees, clients and others smile and feel good.

In the spirit of making a positive impact on peoples lives, Calliope Design Inc. takes a few mixed media and mosaic commission projects a year.

Art décor for the home & office. Invigorate your imagination!

Our homes and offices are sacred places where day-to-day activity and creativity abounds. Engage in inspired living accessorizing your space with artful decor that will awaken your inner muse and sure make you feel good!

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Benefits of Art

There are so many benefits art has on the soul as well as taking pride
in curating an embracing mood in your your home or office space.

Art Brings Joy

Studies have shown being surrounded by art has a positive impact on your overall well-being and happiness.

Here’s an experiment to try:
Sit in a room with white walls only. Then, sit a room with the white walls dressed in art.

Can you feel the difference?

Art Unifies Space

A space can totally be transformed by art. People hang art of all types on the wall, place rugs on the floor and weave in other meaningful pieces to personalize a room. Décor is often seen as a form of self-expression and influences the overall mood and energy of your home or office. Why not make your space something special. It’ll make your heart sing!

Art Inspires Spirit

Plain and simple, art inspires all of us in one form or another. Whether you find yourself gazing at art in the comforts of your own home or in a public space can take you on a journey. Being exposed to and appreciating art stirs your own creativity in more ways than you can imagine. It helps all of us become conscious of the beauty that is everywhere within us and around us. And, isn’t this wonderful?

Bespoke Art is a Distinct Personalized Service

A note about commission projects.

The process of choosing to commission an artwork starts with the feeling you want to invoke and the intended space it’ll live. It’s a personal statement. The development is an intimate, fun and personalized experience where artist and client work together to create something that is out of this world.

Designing custom art décor is part of my repertoire. Up to this point, mosaic have been the medium of choice but new medium options are in the works and coming soon.

Overall costs of any style art commission depends on your schedule, lead time, design intricacy, materials, scale, production time, delivery and hiring the right local tradesmen for installation.

Whatever your walls or floors may be crying for and you just can’t find that special artwork that resonates with you and makes your heart sing, maybe it’s time to embark upon getting an exceptional signature art piece with your style stamp on it.

Art Décor Projects

See how art décor adds an element of sophistication to your space!
Click the artwork titles to view projects.

Van Gogh Inspired Sunflower Mosaic

Create an inviting outdoor space that inspires you daily

Ebullience Interior Wallscape

Art fashions a captivating ambiance to delight patrons

Abstract Mosaic Bathroom Floor

A home remodel with a charming boho-style eclectic vibe

Phoenix Rising Fireplace Surround

Make a spirited statement in your living room with art décor

Get art that matches your style!

Custom-designed art services start with a great conversation and flexible vision.

Custom Design Art Process

Below are the general steps for bespoke mosaic design when
collaborating with clients from conception to connection.
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Complimentary Call

This is where we get to know each other, get a sense of what the commission means to you, what you are looking for art-wise and whether we are a good fit.

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Fill Out Questionnaire

If you decide after the complimentary call, you’d like to move forward, special projects for soulful people always start here.

To help formulate a clear plan and creative direction, we take a deeper dive into the big picture idea, gather the necessary details. The questionnaire is an integral part of the conversation. It’s an important and valuable step to get to know you better, understand your sense of style, inspiration and what you are looking for in a custom-designed artwork be it for your home or business. Additionally, sending photos of things that inspire you and of the intended space where the art will live is super helpful.

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Cost Proposal

Calliope Design Inc. does charge a non-refundable fee to put an Agreement and cost estimate together based on our discussion that stems from the information gathered in the questionnaire. The price is an estimate only.  This can take 3 to 10 business days.

The Agreement outlines the project scope, cost, payment schedule and terms. Unfortunately, no creative work can begin without a signed Agreement and design fee. The Agreement and cost estimate expire 10 days of receipt.

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Design + Production

Now we are getting to the fun part translating your vision on paper. This is the start of magic happening. Calliope Design charges a design fee for one design option. It’s part of the overall cost if the project moves forward. If not, it is nonrefundable. To keep things simple and efficient, there is scope for one revision. Additional change requests are billed hourly.

When a design is approved and signed off on, it gets sent to our partners for production. When working with our partners, a 50% deposit or full payment is customary and required by our partners before commencing. Otherwise, it’ll delay the production schedule, delivery and installation. The balance is often times due prior to delivery.

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Calliope Design Inc. does not function as a contractor for any custom-designed artwork installs and/or requiring construction. I am available as a client representative to ensure the contractor of your choosing installs the artwork properly. It’s recommended to work with your general contractor if you have one or working with a local, highly recommended and experienced tile installer. It is solely your decision that you decide to contract and in no way is assume liability for the work of others.

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Documenting Bespoke Art Décor

Seeing a custom-designed artwork living in its new space is quite a thrill. And part of the process is documenting finished projects which is customary for portfolio and marketing purposes. Arrangements are made with clients to have the artwork photographed.

Image of orange quotation mark artwork for Calliope Design Inc. testimonial section

We chose Caryn’s River’s Reflection mosaic piece to be highlighted in our River Breeze Art Gallery because it reflects an artist in her prime. The beauty, detail, and creativity of her pieces are rarely found and constantly attract great interest. Not only is Caryn a very gifted artist, but she supports it with hard work and determination.

Dan H., Gallery Owner

Caryn is a vibrant, spirited artist with whom I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working. She designed a lovely mosaic kitchen backsplash in our home, on the shores of Lake Michigan. One thing I like best about Caryn, as a person, is how open and collaborative she is. She’s very much in tune with her clients’ wishes and desires. She is a true sweetheart.

Martha & Becky, Homeowners with spirited adventure

I’d like to recognize Ms. Caryn Mitchell as an accomplished and creative designer/artist. Caryn designed and created a unique, original art piece which decorates the soffit area of our remodeled kitchen. She presented and implemented a very beautiful pleasing enhancement to our home. I would recommend Caryn to anyone contemplating a truly original art mosaic.

George & Jacqueline, Transititonal-style homeowners