“Connect, create meaning, make a difference, matter, be missed.”
~Seth Godin

The Art of Visual Branding

Visual branding mockup showing shopping bag, laptop, mobile devices, business cards, letterhead, envelops, moleskin notebooks, clips, media cover, cd, pens

Warm conversations spark connections.

A strong mutual connection with others is at the heart of lasting relationships. And success relies on nurturing the things that matter most.

The relationship between your brand and your customer is the beginning of an enduring romance. It has the power not only to build trust and recognition, but spark meaningful connections. Good branding is all about falling in love. Being “the one” customers keep coming back to over and over.

Your brand is a powerful idea. It’s at the heart of everything your business represents and provides to positively enrich the lives of your audience.

Calliope Design makes it easy to connect the dots for mindful businesses like you looking to elevate your brand visuals so you can spend less time making design decisions and more time making a positive impact.

No business is created alike. Through a mindful discovery process, Calliope Design uncovers what makes your business unique. The brand identities we create connect to the heart of not only your mission and values but align with your customers too.

We don’t just follow the latest trend. We design with artistry and always begin with the why behind your mission that will stand the test of time leaving room for you to grow.

What is a brand identity?

A brand identity is a brand set of visual elements also called a corporate identity or identity system. These visual assets are the end result of a thousand points of light people encounter when they interact with your brand:

Logo. Color. Fonts. Icons. Stationery. Functional Style Guide. Compelling brochures. A dynamic website. Smashing social profiles. Inviting email marketing. Impactful Signage. Artful office interiors. Hip apparel. Stunning promotional items. Clear Messaging. Stellar customer service. Enthusiastic tribe.

Design Influences Your
Tribe’s Purchase Decisions

Design, color and consistency both online and offline do impact how your customers interact with you and your brand. Being sensitive to what your customers want, the more memorable your brand becomes and the more they come back for the positive experience your business provides through your products and services.

  • 45% 45%

45% of customers expect great design across marketing and sales collateral

  • 123% 123%

Consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by up to 23%

  • 64% 64%

64% of consumers say that shared values create a trusted relationship with a brand

  • 72% 72%

On average, it can take 5 to 7 brand impressions before someone will remember your brand

  • 80% 80%

Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%

Services Offered

We work with both small and big businesses to shape their brand identity.
Select the package that best suits your current business objectives and goals.

Your Logo

Suitable for established consultants and companies who are satisfied and confident with their current brand messaging and style. They just want a more polished, well-crafted brand mark.


  • Discovery Session
  • 1:1 Creative Consult
  • Research & Concept
  • Logo Design & Development
  • Color Palette & Specs
  • One-page Logo Usage Sheet
  • Two revision rounds on chosen design
  • Additional revisions are billed hourly

Does your logo need a makeover?

To schedule your 15-minute complimentary call, connect with us.
(The process can take about 3 to 4 weeks)

Fortify Your
Brand Spark

Suitable for companies that have been in business for two to five years. They have gained traction. They have a better understanding of who they are as a company and their customer’s desires. Now, they are ready to upgrade the outdated brand identity they had designed when they launched to one that represents the company’s mission and personality holistically in alignment with their customers’ values.


  • Discovery Session
  • 1:1 Creative Consult
  • Research & Ideation
  • Logo Design & Development
  • Color Palette & Specs
  • Typography
  • Up to Three Custom-designed Visual Elements
  • 4 to 8 Page Style Guide
  • Two revision rounds on chosen design
  • Additional revisions are billed hourly

Does your brand identity need an upgrade?

Schedule your 15-minute complimentary call here. We’re all ears!
(The process can take about 4 to 12 weeks)


It can take a village to meet client timelines. When you have too many projects you can handle, this is where Caryn comes in! Caryn enjoys taking on short to mid-term projects. She’s done it all for clients big and small: sales and marketing collateral, integrated marketing campaigns, in-store marketing, branded environments, invitations and beyond. With each project, she brings a fresh perspective and agility to every team collaboration. Send a note to discuss your project and check availability.

Investment: Depends on Scope of Work

(All projects are done remotely)

Design Projects

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Small Business


Real food for everyone

RGL Marketing for the Arts

Art consulting and live market events

More Access Solutions

Making opportunities real for everyone


Sharing Weird, Hilarious, Awkward Moments

Light on Life Images

Documentary-style Photography

MJ Furnishings

Office space planning

Genesis Growers

Sustainable Organic Farming

Life-Long Entertainment

Music + Sound Collaboration

Big Business

Friendly’s Restaurant

Fun family meals

Anchorage Radiation Therapy Center

Pioneers in health


Quality service for your car


Everyday low prices for quality food

Are you ready to be irresistible?

Get your brand styled so it can speak volumes for your business and be noticed by your true tribe!
Just select a package from above that fits your company’s needs.

Brand Identity Design Process

Below are the general steps when collaborating
with clients from conception to connection.

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After you connect with me about your brand identity project, a 30-minute complimentary call is scheduled to review your project scope and timeline.

If we decide to move forward together, a proposal and agreement is prepared and sent to you. Once approved, to begin a project, a standard 50% deposit is required to start a project. The balance is due prior to receipt of all digital files.

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Discover + Research

This is where the process begins and we dig into your brand’s foundation before any design work can be done.

During the discovery process, we gather the necessary intel about your business including your why, history, mission, service and products offered, big picture goals, what makes you different, your ideal audience, identify friendly competitors, your overall personality and design style.

The results of this information define the creative strategy. It sets the tone and design direction for the project and leads entire process. Think of it like a roadmap that guides the way from conception to connection.

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Many ideas are taken into consideration in the design process but typically one to two concepts are presented. And, no more than three. It’s rare, unless you are working with large corporations, that clients want to spend more on ideation. That’s why a clear vision at the beginning of a project is important.

Various mockup tools are used to show how a logo or brand identity looks in context with the elements of your new identity, such as stationery, business card, signage, office interiors, apparel, etc. that align with the project’s goals.

Feedback is vital to make sure the design aligns with your project goals. For efficiency sake, after reviewing internally, any and all feedback is provided by the client in written form, in one document, highlighting any requested changes on the select design. Having written feedback in writing helps clarify what you want to accomplish. It also provides documentation to ensure nothing is missed.

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Final designs are approved. Now, the time has come to and roll out your identity and shine. Final artwork is delivered to you and/or your print vendor. If your brand project included a style guide, your brand style will be captured in a document and sent to support you and your brand.

Image of orange quotation mark artwork for Calliope Design Inc. testimonial section

Caryn helped me create a niche through her perceptiveness, patience, organizational skills and design expertise. Collaborating with her made all the difference in the success of our community’s first annual event for Envision.

Roz L., RGL Marketing for the Arts

As a small business owner, I appreciate Caryn’s attentive nature, initiative and ability to take the lead on design projects. She is a great communicator who produces quality work in a timely fashion. She would be a valuable and trustworthy asset to any future clients.

Kerry O., Fierce Entrepreneur

Caryn came up with a simple, yet inventive tagline. The finished product was a fun, but clean and modern identity. I was quite impressed with Caryn’s level of professionalism. She made me feel important as a client. Her level of customer service is something you rarely find today.

Melissa Y., Foodie + Innovative Entrepreneur