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Design Services tailored to your company's business mission, customer and style.

Creative Consults

Part of the value of Calliope Design’s services is that we are interested in you, your business and distilling the right solution based on your specific goals, needs and desires. We believe in listening first; then asking questions.

Logo Design

Every Encounter Starts with Your First Impression, so Make it Count
Your company’s logo is the cornerstone of everything that follows. It is the first thing people see when you
come out of the gate,introduce a new product or service. As your company grows, your brand and logo become increasingly more important so it’s best not to skimp on quality design and the value it brings to the table.

Brand Identity Design

Cut Through the Clutter and Be Noticed
Brand identity design comprises your unique visual elements that set the tone for your brand to communicate, grow a loyal tribe and sell holistically.

Your logo is just one piece of the brand identity design pie. Your brand identity consists of all the visual elements that further communicate your brand’s purpose, essence and story. Other elements include: color, fonts, imagery style, messaging, business cards, stationery, envelopes, print collateral, signage, web sites, email marketing,
e-books, and social media assets, office aesthetics, apparel and promotional items. Cohesion is King!

Consider what elements a potential customer will see when doing business with you. Your brand identity design as a whole does influence public perception of your company. It is important to create an appropriate look and feel that inspires people to want to connect with your products or services.

Legacy Art Panels & Installations for Office & Commercial Spaces

Your brand can extend to reception, common areas and conference rooms with site-specific artwork. Artwork, in general, adds spice to corporate life and public spaces. Office aesthetics are just as important as anything in your brand identity kit. It impacts a company culture. Artwork elevates peoples’ experience that inspires happiness, loyalty and feeling ease.

Getting a legacy art panel or installation is an investment that keeps on giving for years to come. Companies
can share their culture in a unique sophisticated way. Promote a better work-life sway. The result makes an impression, inspires interaction and serves to make employees, clients and others smile and just feel good.


Want to get the word out about your business? Want to create a lively atmosphere? A polished, well-designed brand identity leaves an impression of stability and credibility like nothing else. Calliope Design can help your business shine. Connect with us to discuss your upcoming project.