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Legacy Artwork that elevates homes, brands, offices and hospitality environments.

To Live with Art is to Live in Love

Where we gather, move, and rest affects how we feel. A peaceful or lively space can transform us from
the inside out. Art isn’t solely an object you affix to a wall or permanently install only to just walk away
from. Oh no, it’s more than that! Artwork adds a layer of dimension and personalization with a twist.

Custom-made legacy art panels + installations invites a harmonious fervor throughout your room. It spawns splendor. It sparks conversation. It can take you on an unexpected journey. It dramatically changes the way
you feel when you spend time in the space. It creates an uplifting feeling that cannot be ignored! Experiencing art in context allows you to engage more deeply. Each legacy artwork is the result of collaboration on vision, aesthetics, specifications, spending plan and the overall intended experience.

My medium of choice is mixed-media and mosaic in unexpected and contemporary formats. Different glass types, wood, metal and in some cases, life-casted ceramic pieces are my go-to materials. While I enjoy representational concepts, exploring abstraction gives me pleasure.

Artwork, in general, is an investment that keeps on giving for years to come. Homeowners who appreciate art can create an environment like no other. The addition of a custom-made artwork can ignite well-being and joyfulness. Companies can show the pride they take in their culture with original legacy art. The result makes
an impression, inspires interaction and serves to make employees, clients and others smile and feel good.
In addition, your office aesthetics are part of the overall brand perception and identity.


If you have been looking for the perfect artwork and nothing has screamed, “Take me home with you, please!” maybe it is time to shake things up. Let’s collaborate and create that WOW factor with a custom artwork. Get Inspired!


Inquire here to learn how to get started with your custom artwork or ask about current inventory of available artworks ready to hang on your wall.