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Artist Statement | Get a one-of-kind artwork that gives back daily!

Without art, the world would be quite a boring place to be. Many people choose their wall color with precision. The furniture with the utmost care. Accessories selected with love. They take pride and comfort in creating
a timeless ambiance that brings a sense of order to an otherwise, a chaotic world.

My current medium of choice is mixed-media and mosaic in a contemporary format. However, my background in art direction and graphic design inspires me to explore additional materials for other distinctive site-
specific art.

Life experience, travel, nature, patterns, textures, light, archetypal concepts, structure and flow are part of my core inspirations. These days, simple forms, color, texture and mood inspire me. My artwork has become more simplified in terms of color palettes and materials. While experimenting, I discovered a new appreciation for abstraction. The clarity and rhythm is bold, expansive and meditative.

I often ponder, how to best translate the complexities of a subject into simple, “juicy,” reflective artworks that fit into any space, anywhere. Artwork raises peoples’ vibes in the process. It touches them in some way every day.
It gives cause to slow down and just ponder. Smell the roses!

Through my work, I aspire to inspire! Art harmonizes interior spaces and transforms peoples’ everyday experiences no matter what is happening in their lives.

The possibilities are endless!