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Custom Projects | Calliope Design Inc. A distinctive personal service.

Creating Art as a Distinctive, Personal Service

Legacy Art Panels and Installations offer wonderful, unexpected elegance. They can be as subtle or as bold as
the vision holds. Custom-made Legacy Art Panels and Installations are designed to capture the essence of their intended recipients’ spirits. These artful transformations fit into most interior personal and public spaces while elevating the mood of those who enter. Collaboration is a big key to any successful artistic endeavor—and helps to ensure the WOW factor.

Elevate Your Home’s Ambiance

Custom-made art panels or installation are for homeowners who want more than cookie-cutter art. You want artwork that resonates with your inner being. You want to make a bold statement in a dynamic way true to you and your family and let the room start the conversation. Bring your passion for beauty to a new level.

For a Higher Level of Interior Design Services

Interior designers appreciate that art panels or installation are custom designed to add charisma and another layer of surprise to a private residence, small office or commercial space.

Add Value to Design + Build Projects

Perk up your property’s value, ambiance and brand mission. Inspire staff, tenants and visitors alike who share and enjoy the common spaces. Art panels or installation are created to harmonize environments, invite conversations and evoke a feeling. Custom art panels and installations are vital ingredients to a holistic way
of living and working.

Ready-to-Hang Legacy Art Panels

Calliope Design Inc. has a limited selection of studio art panels. The artwork in the studio is experimental as well as it primes the inspiration pump carried into custom artworks. They are ready to install on your wall—whether is in your home or office. Inquire here!


If you are eager to get a custom artwork that will make you fall in love with the energy of your space over and over and over again, Calliope Design would be delighted to collaborate with you to create that special piece. Harmonize your space! Contact Us!