Thoughtfully crafted
brand design + art décor
designed to make
a lasting impression.

Discover. Connect. Inspire.

Calliope Design Inc. constructs purposeful, dynamic brand identities and designs beautiful, distinctive artful décor for mindful businesses and homes.

Welcome. You’ve found your way to my creative playground where design and art live under the same umbrella. Function with elegant style goes beyond the norm. It’s a beautiful tango.

Here, I help companies shape their brand identities and design timeless art décor that ignite passion sparking conversations to create memorable experiences.

The process for each service is quite similar. Imagine the impact we could make if we bring our strengths to the table from conception to connection. Your purpose and distinct perspective. My spirited and strategic style.

Mix these ingredients together, then watch your vision unfold and come to life synergistically.

Services Offered

Select a path below to make sure you land in the right place!

Visual Brand Design

Align with your tribe to shine brighter than before. Next level brand identity for small to mid-size businesses who want to step out in a new way.

With a strategic plan, a brand design comes alive attuned to your mission, values, products, services and audience.

We’re ready to infuse freshness
into our brand!

Art Décor

Looking for more than big-box style art to create a unique ambiance? Custom-designed art décor may be just the right choice for you.

Art décor is designed to uplift the spirit of all people, places and events. Investing in art is a gift that keeps on giving.

We want to elevate our space
with art décor!

Art Décor Makes Your Walls Sing!

Get your art groove on
decorating your space with radiant wall art!

Image of blue quotation mark artwork for Calliope Design Inc. testimonial section on home page

Caryn has proven to be an outstanding thinker in her ability to create dynamic concepts. There’s no doubt, Caryn would be a reliable and valued asset to your organization.

Russell P., Price Communication Arts

I’m thankful Caryn was easy to collaborate with, and at the end of the day, I now have two treasures — my gorgeous art piece, and my new friend.

Carol A., Stylish, Mindful Home Owner

As a small business owner, I appreciate Caryn’s initiative to guide me through the design process and produce quality work in a timely fashion.

Marie K., Detour Services LLC