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About Calliope Design Inc. Learn how to get started on your next project here.

Warm Conversations Spark Connections!

Great relationships make the world go round! Relationship is an essential ingredient in life and in business.
We don’t live or work in a vacuum.

Success relies on honest, healthy, mutual relationships and interaction to continuously thrive. Like most people, you probably prefer doing business with people you like and enjoy being around.

Get Down to Business

What do relationships have to do with art and design? In design, a business’s inherent value is its relationship with its customers, staff, vendors and other key people who help them thrive. Brand Identity design offers
a clear path to connecting inside and outside a company. Design is a tool to visually communicate and
inspire interaction. Art, on the other hand, brings people together in a more social context. It arouses our humanity. Engages our imagination. Ignites conversations. Together, art and design improve the quality of everyday life. Just take a look around and you’ll see.

As the owner and lead creative of Calliope Design Inc., a boutique-style graphic design studio, I find relationships to be invaluable. They are the impetus of the creative services we offer.

Art and design go hand-in-hand. I enjoy collaborating with businesses to shape their brand identities
as much as I relish creating art panels and installations that inspire people and harmonize their spaces.


My motto is “keep things simple.” There is a sense of freedom in it. It frees up mental bandwidth to focus on only the things that matter most in each step of the creative process.


Calliope Design Values:

• Professionalism
• Genuine, satisfying relationships
• Clear communication
• Working organically
• Enjoying the creative process
• Being efficient